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Why We Need to Pause and Reflect

Have you ever gotten pretty far along planning a project only to realize that it’s not really what you want to do?

Then what?

Do you have the courage to course-correct?

To step back?

To stop?

Or do you feel you need to stay consistent with what you thought and said you would do?

Certainly it depends.

If people are relying on you; if you have a moral or legal obligation; if you’re in a position where changing plans would do more harm than good, it’s a different story.

But what if none of those is the case?

In my experience, very few people have the courage to pause, rethink and redirect.

Most plow forward, dismissing their concerns as either invalid, unimportant, or “limiting beliefs” they need to overcome.

One person who did have the courage to pause, however, is Renee Fink.

Renee is both a Rocker (someone who’s come through my Rock The Room® programs) and a Risk Forward® Special Experience member… a series I hosted this past year for entrepreneurs, artists, consultants, lawyers and executives.

Renee had planned to launch a new course and online community.

It was a project that looked and sounded good on the outside and even at first to Renee.

It was also a project that would require a ton of time and financial resources.

As Renee proceeded, she kept running into blocks and lack of focus.

More importantly though, Renee’s excitement had turned to dread.

It was at this point in time that she signed up for the Risk Forward® experience I was hosting.

Victoria Labalme Renee Fink

In one of our early sessions, after I took people through a series of questions designed to help them reconnect with their Throughline and Inner Current™, Renee took a step back and realized she didn’t want to continue with the project.

It was very clear.

And once she made that decision and told her team it was—in her words—as if a boulder had been lifted.

According to Renee’s estimate, the time, effort and resources to follow through on the project would have cost her company about $2 million in revenue from other clients she would have brought on instead.

Victoria Labalme Jumping Little Works

What decisions might be unnecessarily costing you time, energy, money focus and/or joy? Please let me know in the comments.

And if you want more insights like this, you’re invited to my next livestream event. It’s free. You can register here.

Risk Forward and Rock On,



1 thought on “Why We Need to Pause and Reflect”

  1. Yes Victoria! I can totally relate. I Hate feeling uncomfortable in the indecision….I totally get that. The times I have plunged ahead…..I spent years trying to force and manage things. I’m working on staying in FLOW and breathing my way through my days….which I fail at constantly but at least I am more aware. Anyway, thanks for being vulnerable!
    Warmly, Elaine

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