(that most people don't know)

  1. Victoria was born and raised in Manhattan. As she says, “We grew up trick-or-treating vertically.” And yes… Labalme is her real name. Her father was from Paris.
  2. In her early years performing, she was offered a lead role with the Big Apple Circus. She chose not to run away with the circus.
  3. While an undergrad at Stanford University, Victoria worked on a Random House book about the performance + mental training techniques of National Champion triple jumper Milan Tiff.
  4. Her work with corporate groups began in the 1980s at The Santa Fe Mountain Center where she led experiential educational courses for corporate teams and youth-at-risk.
  5. Victoria spent 2 months in West Africa, teaching and studying the performing arts. It was a life of straw huts, no electricity, and 100-degree heat.
  6. She is an avid outdoors-woman & kayaker with extensive wilderness travel experience including a 75-day expedition in Alaska.
  7. Her favorite “adult beverage” is a martini and her favorite dessert is chocolate cake. As far as she is concerned, “If it’s not chocolate, it’s not dessert.”
  8. Her great uncle was the legendary industrial designer Raymond Loewy, known for creating the logos and design for Shell, Exxon, Nabisco, US Postal Service, Coca-Cola bottle (in its famous slenderized shape), Greyhound Bus, the Studebaker Avanti car and with JFK — the distinctive markings on Air Force One. Victoria’s keen interest in the blend of art and business is in her blood…
  9. Victoria conceived and produced the landmark documentary, “Muppet Guys Talking: Secrets Behind the Show The Whole World Watched” which premiered at SXSW. Media exposure: The Hollywood Reporter, The Los Angeles Times, Variety, NPR, BBC, The New York Times, ABC’s Good Morning America.
  10. She is married to the Muppets original performer, Yoda performer, and feature film director, Frank Oz.
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