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“RISK FORWARD breaks the mold . . . impossible to put down.”

—Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The New One Minute Manager®

“Brisk inspiration and practical thought-starters for anyone contemplating the daunting prospect of a new project or change of direction.”

—Pamela Liebman, president & CEO, The Corcoran Group

“How to deal with fear, doubts, and the unknown. Compelling and direct, this book should be the official guidebook for your career.”

—Geoff Cottrill, former CMO at Converse and Coca-Cola

“The ideas in the book are audacious and profound and yet they comfort the soul—a great combination. It’s also a quick and delightful read.”

Frank Oz, Yoda performer, Muppets originator/performer, feature film director

“This book is a literary form of an antidepressant.”

—Micheline Auger, Award-winning playwright and producer

“Risk Forward is like The Little Prince of business development and personal discovery. Victoria and her book will inspire your team members to new heights.

—Karen van Bergen, CEO, Omnicom

“Risk Forward now has an exalted place on my bookshelf next to Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird.”
—Alan Zweibel, original writer at Saturday Night Live

““Exquisite, whimsical and thought provoking. Beautifully written, filled with artistry and easy to read, Risk Forward had me asking myself profound questions.”

—Jeff Walker, New York Times best-selling author and founder of Product Launch Formula

“If Picasso and Apple produced a book – this would be it!!!”

—Vince Poscente, New York Times Bestselling Author & Olympian

RISK FORWARD is the indispensable guide for all of us when we freak out at the inception of a new project. Five stars!”

—Steven Pressfield, New York Times best-selling author of The War of Art

Better than the collective works of William Shakespeare and far less time consuming.”

—Mark Hamill, American actor and writer


WALL STREET JOURNAL bestseller! This brief, easy-to-read and inspiring book has become a guide for thousands of people—giving them the tools they need to find their next move, trust themselves and take action.

RISK FORWARD will provide you with inspiration, insights and prompts to help you find your path forward. This full-color book is highly designed, filled with drawings, and is a very quick read. You can flip around and read the chapters in any order. A perfect gift for the busy individual or those who don’t “like to read.”

In the pages of this book, Hall of Fame speaker, consultant, and Wall Street Journal best-selling author Victoria Labalme shares insights that are practical, reassuring and radically freeing.


Victoria is the founder of Risk Forward® and Rock the Room® as well as a full suite of products designed to help individuals and organizations uncover their original ideas and express them with the unexpected twist that distinguishes their work.

Victoria is available for keynotes, team workshops and VIP consulting.

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