Unlock Courage.  Take Action.  Express Your Hidden Genius.





Looking for something different?

Based on Victoria’s Wall Street Journal bestselling book, Risk Forward, this keynote is like no other.

We are living in an era when conditions are in constant flux, people are experiencing internal angst, and uncertainty prevails. Change is increasing at unprecedented levels. Victoria’s counterintuitive approach to all this is riveting, surprising, and effective.

The key to success is not in how quickly we can lock in fixed plans, but rather the opposite: how we can embrace the unknown, approach our business as an art, find the courage and confidence to express our unique talents, and achieve remarkable results.

Using skills she developed through 25 years of professional stage and screen performances, Victoria leverages her arts background—from Broadway to Hollywood—to inspire and electrify the audience and help people truly perform at their best. With unexpected insights, she shares her unique Risk Forward methodology—a series of principles that have led to stunning results in organizations around the world.

In this mesmerizing and practical Keynote Performance, Victoria takes the audience on a profound journey. Attendees are laughing, learning and taking notes. They leave empowered and inspired, having internalized proven strategies to engage in their work, take ownership, and express the innate talents that currently lie dormant within.

With gripping storytelling, comedic highlights, and fully customized content, Victoria brings decades of stage mastery to your event.

Pouring her heart into each project, she listens to your needs, studies your organization, selects specific material that will resonate with your audience, crafts unique bits, learns your acronyms, weaves in your event and organizational themes, and puts together a completely customized unforgettable experience.

Create > Communicate > Come Alive

  • Customized virtual workshops and interactive online experiences
  • Ideal for opening or closing conferences
  • Keynotes, Half Day, Full Day and Multi-Day workshops
  • Small group experiences and VIP leadership workshops



“We brought Victoria in to Agent Studio for a live virtual session for Corcoran agents to learn how to Risk Forward and Rock The Room. The response from our agents was fantastic. Victoria was full of wisdom and wit offering practical tips and take away strategies that were actionable and tailored to both the business and our brand. Agents left inspired and empowered with immediate tools they could apply to their very next interaction. I can’t recommend Victoria highly enough.”
Ida Fields, VP of Agent Marketing & Business Development, The Corcoran Group

“I brought Victoria in to speak at one of our Omniwomen events. She had them laughing, listening, taking notes and taking action. Victoria and her book will inspire your team members to new heights, bringing out the best in themselves and in those around them.
—Karen van Bergen, Executive Vice President & Dean, Omnicom


A: Whether virtual or live, Victoria loves speaking to large audiences and she’s also totally happy to work with smaller groups and teams

A: Absolutely. Every presentation is unique. Victoria will also send a questionnaire you can fill out so she can really “speak your language” and get all the details right.

A: Of course! She’s happy to get on a conference call with the key stakeholders. She wants to understand your audience and your objectives.

A: Victoria is very easy going. If it’s virtual, she can work with any system and deliver an amazing experience. If it’s live, as long as you have the basics, she’s good to go: screens to project slides, a countryman mic, an open stage with good lighting where your audience can see her well…we’re in business!
A: Victoria truly enjoys speaking with audience members and is happy to discuss Q&A opportunities.

A: Yes – we both need to sign the Recording Agreement and then you’re all set!

A: Yes! Victoria has a beautiful version of her Keynote Performance and will custom-craft it for your non-profit or non-business audience.

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