Leading in a New Landscape


with Victoria Labalme
Hall of Fame Speaker  ‣ Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author ‣ Entertainment & Comedy Veteran

There’s no question the world has changed.

Leaders are faced with an ever-evolving work landscape—new roles, new expectations and new goals.

Team members are dispersed and disconnected. And change is increasing at unprecedented levels.

Many people are facing burnout. Many are re-evaluating their job opportunities and lives. Meeting-fatigue is everywhere.

Given all this, how can people lead effectively?

How can they inspire effective teamwork and engage those around them?

And how can they achieve the intended outcomes when the target keeps moving?

Now more than ever, it’s essential to Risk Forward.

The most successful companies, creative endeavors, individuals and organizations are those who have the courage to go where others have not been before.

Using skills she developed through 25 years of professional stage, screen, and comedy performances, Victoria leverages her background—from Broadway to Hollywood and C-suites to top sales teams—to share her proprietary systems that have led to stunning results in leaders and teams around the world.

With gripping storytelling, comedic highlights, and custom-crafted content, Victoria brings decades of stage mastery to your event.

Attendees are laughing, learning and taking notes.

Each keynote is:

  • 100% custom-crafted to meet your intended outcomes.
  • filled with practical, immediately applicable take-away tools.
  • engaging, entertaining, humor filled, high energy and interactive.

Your leaders will learn to:

  • Empower & engage their teams; dramatically improve teamwork
  • Create a strong culture, even with a remote and hybrid workforce
  • Inspire people to take action and ownership
  • Innovate and encourage innovation
  • Instill an entrepreneurial mindset in their teams
  • Lead with trust, empathy, care, and compassion
  • Foster a culture of wellness and psychological safety
  • Listen effectively with 3V Listening Skills
  • Set a strong vision in spite of an ever-shifting landscape
  • Onboard new members effectively
  • Give team members a sense of purposefulness
  • Bring out the best in others
  • Reconnect with what really matters

Participants will leave with immediately applicable tools—empowered to lead confidently, engage their teams and achieve remarkable results.


  • Keynotes
  • Breakouts & Workshops
  • Online learning courses and videos
  • Custom-crafted VIP events


"Thank you for the outstanding presentation you gave to our leadership team. People are still buzzing, talking about how meaningful it was to them. Your messages from that day are still resounding."
Karen Morris
Communications Manager, BlueCross BlueShield
"We brought Victoria in to speak to 75 top CEOs at an event hosted at MIT. She totally crushed it! Her keynote was theatrical, entertaining, and informative all at once. Our CEOs gained invaluable perspective and practical tools they could apply immediately to their businesses and their lives."
MIT logo
Darius Mirshahzadeh
Curator, CEO Retreat, MIT
“I have booked many speakers and I look for the ones who care about my event as much as I do. It’s easy to find competence and not always easy to find equal passion & heart. I had Victoria come speak to my CMO Community as our customer partners are looking for top level content. Victoria asked amazing questions and tailored her talk to everything I needed from the theme to the specifics of how her story would intersect with my audience. She brought everything she had to the endeavor and did an amazing job.
I highly recommend her…engaging and imaginative…a total delight.
coca cola logo
Katherine Twells
Senior Vice President, Coca-Cola
"Victoria is unquestionably the most inspiring & moving speaker I’ve experienced in my 15 years as CEO. Every person she has touched within our company has walked away in awe and is now able to realize more of their potential in life. Victoria has done 19 sessions for Bosley, impacting our entire company throughout North America.
John Ohanesian
CEO, Bosley
She’s helped our top leaders be more confident, more powerful and more impactful on every level. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”
Polycom Logo
Kate Hutchison
Chief Marketing Officer, Polycom
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