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Victoria’s Secrets – 5 Packing Tips

“You have a list?

I never thought of that.”

Such is the response I’ve received

over the years when I tell

people that I pack with a list.

As I prep for 12 events in 12 cities,

below are five packing insights that

people have found fascinating and useful.

With luck, these will help you, too.

1. Have a list. I learned this from my mother. Keep a detailed multi-page list by activity category of anything you might need. You can always eliminate items that don’t apply to that particular situation/trip, but it’s better to have them noted than not – i.e. meeting attire, formal wear, gym, sleep, beach, tech, toiletries, stationery, snacks, international (passport, foreign currency, adapters). I have about 20 categories and each category includes 5-10 specific items. While I pack, I go through the list, because one single item forgotten––whether phone charger or USB adapter, rubber bands or band aids, sunglasses or stamps, cashmere sweater or silk scarf––can cause a little (or a lot) of hassle. A few missing items translate into calls, concierge support or trips to the local shopping center; and all this eats into precious hours. Men: how many times have you forgotten to pack underwear or socks? Women: I know you’re chuckling…

2. Place each category of clothing in a clear plastic bag (large zip lock or other). Bundle by activity – i.e. all sleep-related items go in one clear bag; gym items go in another. You can pack, unpack, organize, and rearrange with simplicity & speed. I’ll include a link far below to the kind of reusable clear bags I like.

3. Use the same 4-wheeler carry on + tote/satchel. Switching systems is treacherous, plus there’s a certain visual and visceral familiarity that saves time: tech items go here; snacks go here. And if you haven’t yet converted, upgrading from a 2-wheeler to 4 is…nirvana.

4. For women: Select a purse that fits in your tote/satchel. (Bag in a bag.) #Gamechanger. I learned this from my colleague, Sally Hogshead. Obvious and amazing.

5. Don’t yak while you pack. If you’re going to do it right, packing (like exercise) requires focus.

So there it is.

Risk Forward & Travel On,



P.S. If you liked this post, please let me know which tip is your favorite. Also, here are the type of clear packing bags I like: 12×15; die cut handles; no seal

P.P.S. If you have a killer packing suggestion that can save time/hassle, please do share it.

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