The Biggest Communication Mistake

As some of you know,

I’ve been teaching performing and presentation skills

for a few decades now…

and MANY of the skills I share apply not just to the “stage” or “screen”

but to meetings,1:1 conversations, consultative sales

and extend to discussions involving friends and family.

In short, the strategies apply

to almost any communication setting.

Regardless of the scenario,

there’s one “presentation” mistake

I see made again and again.

Addressing it was at the core of my founding

The Rock The Room® product suite

and the ancillary programs that go with it.

Here’s a quick clip to offer

some insight into the biggest mistake and how to avoid it.

This brief video was filmed at our

Rock the Room® LIVE workshop I hosted a few years ago.



Risk Forward and Rock On,


P.S. If you want to be more confident, compelling, creative and engaging on video (zoom…on camera…you name it…), you may find this other special program valuable. It’s called Rock It On Video™ and I recorded it to help people with their on-camera skills. A lot of people are grabbing it now and telling me it’s helped them a lot. More about it is here.

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1 thought on “The Biggest Communication Mistake”

  1. Such great advice! Particularly for those floundering in the more technical world of business! Thanks, Victoria!

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