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Perseverance During the Pandemic

It’s a murky time;

many people are worn out and starting to lose

their pizzazz for work and for life.

So I thought I’d share a brief story

and video to bring some hope.

Last week, while hosting a retreat event

in the mountains in upstate New York,

my favorite sunglasses toppled off my head,

spinning down into the

murky waters of “the channel”––

a path of swampy water that runs

between two clear lakes.

For a lot of individuals and organizations,

the pandemic is feeling a bit like this:

a murky zone where “visibility” is low

and many have lost their mojo.


even if you can’t always see clearly,

even if you’re not sure what’s next

even if you’re feeling a bit anxious,

unsure of how things will turn out,

trust that deep below the surface

your hidden genius is waiting for you.

It’s there.

It’s brilliant.

It’s better than you can imagine.

My mission:

to help you uncover and express it

the way only you can.

Here’s the sunglasses video. I hope it inspires you.

Risk Forward and Rock On,



8 thoughts on “Perseverance During the Pandemic”

  1. Mary Robins

    You ROCK! Love the swimsuit:)

    1. Victoria Labalme

      Thank you so much, Mary! The suit is Tommy Bahamas women’s sun rashguard

  2. Morgan Hill

    Well this was exactly the message I needed/wanted right now. Victoria, you’ve been such a gift in my life since our paths crossed this year.
    It was comforting to open this email and have what I’ve been experiencing lately: the murkiness, the fog, starting to feel hopeless and like “my chance is gone, I was wrong about my purpose” I’ve been very uncharacteristically low. Even if depression hit in the past, I could always feel my way to hope. This time I needed “outside” support. A little extra nudge, if you will. Knowing I could trust what I’d find in the email I opened it, not knowing it’s exactly what I needed.
    I almost feel like you represented Spirit and I was the sunglasses hiding in the murk. I feel Source is always looking for ways to show us we matter. The way you live your life helps with that immeasurably for so many.
    I look forward to whenever it is we connect again.
    All the love and magic and gratitude,

    1. Victoria Labalme

      And I am so glad you came into our orbit and community. Sending you all my good thoughts, Sweet Morgan.

  3. Steve Dworman

    Where the hell was Kermit???!!!

    1. Victoria Labalme

      Ha ha!

  4. Good JOB!!!!!

    1. Victoria Labalme

      Thank you!

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