A Secret Tool from Theater

There’s a technique from the world of theater and film

that I’ve been teaching for decades

to individuals and organizations around the world.

Whether you’re in sales, leadership, teamwork, consulting,

healthcare, education, therapy, hospitality or the arts,

this strategy will work for you.

(It was actually in a chapter that got cut from my book Risk Forward but it is now going in my next book!!!)

And it has to do with The Power of Verbs.

Rather than think about all the details of what you want to say,

consider focusing your communication using a verb.

In this short interview excerpt

I explain the concept to my friend, Olivier Roland.



Risk Forward and Rock On,


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2 thoughts on “A Secret Tool from Theater”

  1. Hi
    I’m a voiceover artist and think this tip could be a really nifty thing to keep in mind for my work (and other VOs).
    Is this video ‘shareable’ at all?

    1. Ashley Zink

      Hi Dani, we’re glad you enjoyed the clip. Please feel free to share this blog link with others. Thank you! —Ashley (from Victoria’s team)

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