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How your expertise has value beyond your profession

I never imagined I’d know

so much about hair follicles.

But I do.

In 2004-2005,

John Ohanesian, CEO, hired me for 21

Communication Workshops for Bosley

… one of the top hair transplant

companies in the world.

I worked with Bosley’s consultants, front office staff,

surgeons, and medical assistants.

I also ran their leadership retreat,

for which (in part) I rented out a theater

and performed my one-woman show,

using it as a basis for a deep discussion about

humanity, priorities and how we view one another.

This last week in the CA,

John and I met for lunch (pic above).

Although we’ve stayed in touch,

we hadn’t seen each other in years.

It was such a blast to catch up.

When I first entered the speaking profession,

I never envisioned working with a medical company.

And yet it was perfect.

I used to start my sessions by saying,

“You’re probably wondering what

a skinny actress from NYC has to teach you.”

They would chuckle and nodd.

The truth is, there’s SO MUCH

I was able to share

from “staging” to “scenes” to “arcs”

to “body language” to “listening skills”

…and on the list goes.

These were full-day interactive workshops.

I titled the series “Communication Moves”

and I toured the country with the COO.

(They affectionately called it The Victoria Road Show.)

There’s so much value we each have

to contribute to fields OUTSIDE our own

and outside the obvious.

3 questions to ask yourself:

  1. “What do I know well and how does it apply to other situations?”
  2. “How can I use my gifts for the benefit of others?”
  3. “What profession is the opposite of mine and in what ways might my expertise carry value?”

You’re better than you know.

Risk Forward & Rock On,


P.S. A funny side note: as part of The Victoria Road Show, I went to every RSO (Regional Surgical Office) around the U.S., although early on, I kept mistakenly calling them SROs. I was used to the theater term: Standing Room Only.

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