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Creativity and Inspiration – Pre-Production & Prep

What are the places and activities that bring you the most creative JUICE?

For me, it’s the empty dance studio at the gym. It’s partly where I work out, partly where I day dream, partly where I create.

When I’m not on the road, with a client or in my office, I’m often in either of these studios with paper & pens, with index cards and with music.

What is your place of creativity? Where do you find grounding?

Too many days on the road, in airports or conference rooms or at my desk without time HERE leads me to feel a bit off-kilter.

What is the equivalent for you?

Which locations and activities make you feel great — physically, spiritually and mentally? All three.

Each alone is excellent, but all three together?! Whoosh…now that’s a combination of incredible alchemy.

The activity is different for everyone. But movement is key and being solo is key.

Maybe for you it’s riding your bike, walking deep into the woods on a musty rain soaked trail, exploring the beach and sand creatures at dusk, getting on the golf green in the crisp early morning hours, taking a kayak out onto choppy windy waters or calm corners of the bay, sitting in front of your drum set and going at it like you did in high school (how fun would that be?!), kneeling in your garden, your hands stained brown and green from earth and leaves…or as with me, experimenting with movement in an empty dance or yoga studio...solo.

In our era of computer-centric living and focus, it’s pretty easy to get stuck staring at a screen for hours each day… but there’s something about movement that stimulates the imagination and sets us free.

The ideas come. And when they do, be sure to get those ideas recorded—or walk and talk them into a mic.


What is that activity for you? Where and under what circumstances do you come up with some of your best ideas?

What activity brings your cells to life…grounds you as it does…AND stimulates your imagination?

Now go do that this week.

2 thoughts on “Creativity and Inspiration – Pre-Production & Prep”

  1. I am my most creative during and just after I have watched a great live theater program or an incredible concert. A great book or movie also puts me in a heightened state of creativity. I have a wall sized whiteboard in my office that I love! I work out many of my creative ideas there with colored markers and great music in the space. Thanks for the reminder to get moving!

  2. Victoria Labalme

    This is great, Whitney!! So glad the piece resonated with you and reminded you to re-engage in all those activities you mentioned. All my best, Victoria

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