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The Finish Line – Looking to the New Year & Your Life

As we approach the transition into 2012 and recognize that the New Year is not far away, what
projects come to mind? What would you like to accomplish? What is the metaphorical marathon you would like to run?

This month and particularly on Dec 31, many people will be making a list of plans and of New Year’s resolutions. The key, though, is to determine if those really are the resolutions and visions you care most about.

We live in an “outside in” culture, unconsciously setting up goals that have often been established for us by our social circle, society, business, or industry. It can become, as the great psychoanalyst Karen Horney called it, “The Tyranny of the Shoulds”.

But what really matters to you?  What ideas and visions resonate for you? What makes your heart sing?

Fulfilling a large goal can be like running a marathon, but if your plans are aligned with your true purpose and passion, the going won’t be quite so tough. And wouldn’t it be cool if when you finally cross that finish line, it’s for your true vision vs. someone else’s or what you thought you “should” do?

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