Why it’s important to speak up

Envisioning what’s next in 2022?

Thinking about something you might want to try

or do differently on your own or with your team?

When we’re developing a new path, plan, or project

—on our own or with others—

it’s easy to keep our ideas hidden

if they’re not fully formed, seemingly impractical,

or in the minority.

We don’t speak up for fear of being judged;

we opt instead to remain silent.

This is a loss for our communities, organizations,

and those we serve and represent.

It’s also a loss for ourselves.

Our voices and our visions matter.

Ideas arrive in your mind for a reason.

They are gifts.

You have the right

—and in some cases even the responsibility—

to speak up.

Your voice and vision matter.

Here’s a 90-second video about

why it’s important to speak up

and express your idea

and what happens when you don’t.


Risk Forward and Rock On,


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