The Power of One Small Adjustment

The pandemic has brought not only

the obvious challenges of finances, logistics and health

but for many, an existential crisis,

a reevaluation and a reset.

People are resigning from their jobs;

reinventing their lives;

or trying to find ways to reboot

their pre-pandemic existence.

For my own part,

aside from traveling to different cities

for keynotes, coaching and events,

I used to go to the gym 5-6 times a week–

aiming for the lunch hour or late at night

when the yoga room was empty.

I’d dance around,

stretch, strengthen,

experiment with movement,

sit on the floor and write

or develop new material for a client.

For me, the empty studio

was where I created most of my best work.

Once the pandemic hit,

I shifted my exercises to the park,

and to a desk

but it has not been the same.

Running sneakers and grass

are not quite

jazz slippers and an open wood floor.

I found my body changing,

my hips hurting,

and my spirit slowly deflating.

Even when the gyms opened up,

I didn’t feel safe going back in.

So I finally made a bolder move.

This fall, I gave away half my furniture,

and last week, I treated myself to a mirror.

I now have a studio in my studio.

and I am overjoyed.

This one small adjustment is already transforming

my sense of self,

my creative process,

and my body.

My biggest regret:

not doing it sooner.

What is the equivalent for you?

What shift in your environment

would make a measurable difference

to your mood and day

and begin to connect you back

to who you really are?

Look around.

Look within.

Be honest.

And don’t wait too long.

Risk Forward and Rock On,


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