The Power of Customization & Creativity

Last October, I flew to Thailand to deliver a keynote performance and workshop 150 Japanese entrepreneurs.

As you may know, I have a signature bit I do called, “The Conveyor Belt” where I go across the stage doing a “Day in the Life” of that particular audience.I customize the bit each time — whether the audience focused on healthcare, sales, leadership, internet marketing or technology.

Here I am an hour before I went on, putting the final tweaks on my work and practicing a few Japanese phrases to add to the “Conveyor Belt” bit.

When I did this, the audience went nuts. Huge laughter. Huge applause. Immediate connection.

They knew I knew their world and cared enough to understand it.

One more example of this in same bit….

This one is from Jeff Walker’s PLF LIVE event a few months before – in April. PLF is all about internet marketing and I included all the buzz words and details from that business.

Again, the audience loved it. Instant connection.

No question, it takes time.

It takes commitment.

But it makes a massive difference.


what are you willing to do to carefully craft your message to make sure it lands with those who need and want to hear it?

Whether a video, a meeting, a keynote or a pitch, what can you do to really make your message specific to your audience?

BONUS: if you can make them laugh, even better…


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