Goal Setting Might Be Leading you Astray

Well it’s that time of year.

There’s a lot of “goal setting” going on.

But there’s a little problem, which is this:

It’s not uncommon — as we all know — for people to achieve their goals but to be stressed along the way striving and pushing…or not quite as happy and fulfilled (as they anticipated they’d be) once they actually get there.

One approach to avoid that problem is this…

Rather than think only of your intended outcomes/goals/activities, think also of how you want to FEEL along the way…and after.

What do you want the EXPERIENCE to be like?

When I teach performance, communication and presentation skills, one of the core tenants I share is that the biggest mistake I see people make (in meetings, workshops, consultations or keynotes) is that they focus too much on the information they want to convey and not enough on the experience they want to create.

I think the same is true in life.

We often get so focused on everything we want to accomplish that we forget to consider how we want to feel along the way.

So as you look to 2017, take a moment to ask yourself,

“How do I want to feel? How do I want to feel as I’m moving in the direction of these goals and activities?”

Connected? Vibrant? Peaceful? Creative? Joyful? Inspired?

And including these as part of your process will go a long way in making your year what you truly want it to be.

Rock ‘n Roll,



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