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The Best Never Stop Learning

Below is a photo taken this past week

with the legendary Harvey Mackay

at our National Speakers Association conference.

Harvey is 90 now.

victoria labalme and harvey mackay

If you don’t know of him,

he’s an icon in the fields

of business, leadership, and inspiration

and has authored seven New York Times bestselling books.

You can google him if you want to learn more,

but the point I want to make here

is that even at age 90,

Harvey is still attending the conference

and still sitting in on sessions.

When I first met him he was 70.

He came to a workshop

where I was teaching a series called,

“Comedy, Characters and Movement:

Making Your Speech Come Alive.”

I couldn’t believe Harvey was

in the second row,

listening and taking notes.

Would I be doing that at age 70?

Whatever your area of expertise,

would you still be attending sessions

at age 90?

How open are we, even when we’re

already masters in our field?

The best never stop learning

to become even better.

Risk Forward and Rock On,


P.S. If you look closely at the photo, you’ll see that Harvey is still wearing his event badge. Even at a special dinner gathering where everyone already knows who he is and where all the other speakers (including yours truly) had removed their name badge, Harvey still had the humility to wear his.

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