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“Muppet Guys Talking” – Our Movie’s Worldwide Premiere at SXSW


Some big news!!

A documentary film my husband and I made had its world premiere at SXSW March 12, 2017.

The film is about the original Muppets performers and the culture Jim Henson created which led to such legendary work.

Making this film has been an incredible lesson in “Risking Forward” and “Trusting an idea that can lead to an idea.”

When I first conceived of this project, I never knew where it would lead.

The idea started in 2009 when I was hanging out with (my then-new-boyfriend…now-husband) Frank Oz, and his fellow Muppets performers — the originators of the iconic characters we all know so well.

As I witnessed their interactions, their playfulness and riffs off each other…and as I heard their stories about their work culture and about Jim Henson’s leadership, I thought, “This is not a culture I see out there. I shouldn’t be the only one experiencing this. ”

There are leaders who need to see this…

There are teams who need to see this…

There are entrepreneurs who need to see this…

There are artists who need to see this…

And I bet there are millions of fans who would want to be here right now.

I want to share this with them all. It seems a tragedy to be lost on me alone.

So in 2010, I suggested to Frank that we shoot a casual documentary…maybe we could film him and his friends — these Muppets originators/performers — sitting around talking.

Frank wasn’t 100% sure anyone would be interested. 🙂

So it took a little convincing…

Victoria Labalme Muppet Guys Talking

But in April 2012, with the help of our friends who wanted to be part of it, we gathered in a NYC loft for a full day of shooting.

Then, for the past 5 years, between other projects, we worked on editing.

For long stretches the film would go on the back burner.

Then we’d pick it up again.

Then we’d set it aside.

Then we’d continue.

(I know we all have projects like that and I just want to say right here: STICK WITH IT!! It’s worth it!! Because you never know…)

This past fall, the editing was finally finished.

We submitted the film to festivals…

were accepted by the South by Southwest film festival here in Austin, TX…

and March 12, we had our world premiere at the Paramount Theater

The excitement among the press, the fans and so many others has been something.

I never ever knew we’d be here.

I’ll include The Hollywood Reporter review below along with the film’s website and the synopsis.

As I say in my TEDx talk, “Risk Forward…Trust the idea that can lead to the idea….Trust those wisps of ideas that flicker across your mind. They are your creative genius at work. And follow your Throughline…because it will take you to places beyond what you could have ever imagined.”

Here. We. Go!

Big hug and all my best,


1) The Hollywood Reporter review

2) The LA Times Review

3) “Muppet Guy’s Talking” website

4) The film’s synopsis…

For the first time ever, five of the original Muppet performers come together to discuss the creation of their iconic characters under the visionary leadership of Jim Henson. With unexpected stories, rare behind-the-scenes footage, and important insights into how Jim led his team, this documentary gives a private glimpse into the true spirit of the Muppets and how a culture of innovation, hard work, and playfulness produced one of the most successful creative endeavors in history.

16 thoughts on ““Muppet Guys Talking” – Our Movie’s Worldwide Premiere at SXSW”

    1. This sounds like a powerful and education story as well as entertaining. Which should be together as you say. Really want to see this. Just signed up for the notification lists.

  1. Doug Stevenson

    Big stuff takes time. Congratulations on your perseverance to get it done.

  2. Nicolas Boillot

    This is so exciting, and the fruit of so much labor!!! Clearly a labor of love. I can’t wait to see the final cut!

  3. Jeffrey Gitomer

    Amazing story. More amazing legacy that impacted millions globally – including me and my children. Iconic.

  4. Congratulations Victoria! This is a great accomplishment and I can’t wait to see the film.

  5. So Cool! Thanks for the inspiration and Brava, Bravo, Bravisima!

    Love, Sarah 🙂

  6. Always something new and significant from Victoria! I look forward to seeing the film and inviting many other to do the same.

  7. So very awesome! Is there a trailer? A schedule of performances? What a fantastic idea.

  8. Love the idea! Congrats, Victoria! I’m sure it’s a joy to watch.

  9. JIll A.

    Love this point of view on the film Victoria. It shows the tenacity and passion for telling a story eventually plays out. So happy for you all!

  10. Ken hamin

    Victoria. Way to go. I still get inspired by your little book that sits at the lake in the room we all spend time in. It’s been years since I saw you live! Over the years I read the book and still love your messages. Great job to keep it living! Ken

  11. So awesome to see this idea come to life. And there are so many powerful insights from the film. Thank you to you Victoria, Frank and the entire Muppets team for putting this together.

  12. You Rock Victoria…I’ve seem you follow your inspirations, curiosities, and hunches with a willingness to explore, create, and have fun. AND at the same time you bring the other keys of focus, dedication and deep preparation whenever you do decide to follow one of those Throughline threads. It’s a winning combination. You inspire me and teach me so much.

  13. Nancy Franson

    As someone who grew up with the Muppets, who has a very personal connection to the song “Rainbow Connection,” and was profoundly inspired by you at Rock the Room Live last year, Victoria,this makes my heart all kinds of happy.

    Someday we’ll find it, the rainbow connection – the lovers, the dreamers, and me. As long as we keep risking forward!

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