JOMO: The Joy of Missing Out

Ever hear the term FOMO?

You probably have.

Fear Of Missing Out.

Recently, my friend, colleague

(and brilliant leadership consultant and executive coach)

Mary Olson-Menzel shared this other term:


The Joy Of Missing Out.

I absolutely love that and had never heard it before.

As you think about 2022,

rather than cram it with all the things

you think you need to do (or should do),

be mindful of “What don’t you want?”

(This is actually a question I ask in my book, Risk Forward,

as part of a chapter called, THE FOUR QUESTIONS.)

It’s deceptively simple and incredibly powerful.

“What don’t you want?”

Yesterday evening, Mary and I met virtually to

to discuss the year ahead––

where we each wanted to place our focus

and also, what we each wanted to avoid.

We talked by phone as we each went for a walk––

she along the water by her home;

me along the river by my studio.

(Here’s an 11-second video I took of my scene.)

Seeing the open space helped clear our view

both literally and metaphorically.

So as you plan your 2022,

give yourself the gift of JOMO.

It’s often only in your having the courage

to say “No” to what you don’t want

that what you truly do want

can finally have the opportunity to arrive.

Risk Forward and Rock On,


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