3 “P” Lessons from the Star Wars Red Carpet Premiere

Four years ago this weekend,

I attended the Star Wars premiere

in Los Angeles and then in London.

The experience was a mind-bender for sure,

and when I look at some of the images

that popped up on my phone this week,

a ton of memories come flooding back.

That experience was off the charts on so many levels

AND also loaded with lessons,

so I thought I’d share 3

that apply to what we each do these days—

on camera, on stage and in life.

Here they are.

  1. Preparation: The moment you step out of the car, the photography begins. There is no “restroom” to fix your hair, adjust your tie, or go get ready. It’s “show time” immediately. As I often tell my clients—for stage or camera––preparation is all. Be ready to be “on.”
  2. Production Value and Branding: from signage to storm troopers to slivers of glitter in the white carpet here (to match the look of white glistening sand in The Last Jedi), the production value and consistency in branding is second to none. In your virtual or live meetings, what does your environment say about your brand…and you? Are you opting for boring stock imagery, bad lighting, or a messy bookshelf? Whether you like it or not (and whether they admit it or not) your colleagues, clients and those you serve are constantly evaluating your background. Yeh, yehhh—we’re in a groovy “see-it-all-at-home mode” but make no mistake, people are checking out YOUR SCENE.
  3. Play. No matter our role—whether senior executive or executive assistant, high school teacher or healthcare specialist, fitness instructor or financial advisor—adding playfulness in an appropriate way makes a tremendous difference. My husband Frank is a master at this. As you’ll see above (where he tickled me as the photo was being taken) or in the video below where he’s messing with the press, playfulness relaxes other people and creates a far more organic, authentic, of-the-moment dynamic. Playfulness also communicates confidence.

I have tons and tons more lessons

and behind-the-scenes stories

I could share, but I know you’re busy,

so I hope those help:

  1. Preparation
  2. Production Value
  3. Playfulness

They make a HUGE difference.

Risk Forward and Rock On,


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