Finding Your Way into the Future by Staying Present – Creating the Life You Want


A great lesson for life (and a great lesson for great presentations) is that yes, we can plan a bit – structure allows for freedom –  but you must always

           present from the present.

It’s worth letting go the reigns just a bit and seeing where things lead. Goal setting is overrated. When it comes to speaking (and I’ve venture to say life as well), find your form organically. THEN set down your markers and your goals.

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2 thoughts on “Finding Your Way into the Future by Staying Present – Creating the Life You Want”

  1. I’m so glad you are talking about this, Victoria! I’m on board. I use this technique a lot as a right-brained creative / communicator (okay, and when I’m feeling freaked out about the future or just weary of or bored with the whole “where will you be in 1, 5, 10 years” thing. As we get older I think we realize how important and precious it is to be in the present because who knows what tomorrow will bring? I also am appreciating how much the getting-present choice works when skillfully combined with a little pre-planning / vision- and intention-setting. Miracles happen, definitely. And it’s so much more fun. Great clip! Thanks!

  2. Love it Victoria!
    Great reminder that there is nothing outside the present moment.
    And yes, agreed – combine preparing for life along with being in the present moment.

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