How Exclusive Are You?

I recently received an email blast from a sales professional. Let’s call him Colin Jones. He was at a presentation I gave and had asked for my business card after the event.

Colin’s email blast (which I’d never signed up for) went out to a very large group of people, but it was not sent via blind copy.

In other words, everyone’s address was exposed. At the bottom of Colin’s email was his signature file:

Colin Jones

Exclusive Agency Management

Company X

How “exclusive” is Colin if he’s sending an email blast that’s neither personalized nor private?

Titles, phrases and descriptions such as Exclusive, Special, Unique, Excellent or Superior are easy to add to your mission statement, company philosophy or in this case, title.

It’s a nice claim to make but the real question is this: Are you delivering on your brand promise?

So ask yourself/your team

1) What promise do we make to customers and clients?

2) And what specific actions are we taking to support that

Colin’s title may well have been:

Colin Jones

Unrequested Email Blasts for Unwanted Exposure

Because there was nothing Exclusive or Managed about what he’d sent.

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