Drop The Training…And Don’t Get Caught Acting

When we go to a play or movie, we are hoping for an experience that is exciting, fun, entertaining, emotionally powerful, thrilling, and filled with adventure. We want to release ourselves into an imaginary world and leave behind our own.
In order for this transformation to take place, however, what is happening on stage or screen must be completely believable. The actors’ performances must be effortless and honest, and their technique must be invisible.
Seth Barrish, founding member of The Barrow Group – a superb theatre company and acting school based in New York City – explained the subtle difference between an actor whose craft is apparent vs. an actor whose craft is indecipherable. As Seth put it, after a theater production, the comment you want to hear from an audience member is not, “Wow, that guy who played the plumber was really good,” but rather, “How’d they get that plumber to be on stage?”
Technique must be imperceptible.
As Anthony Hopkins once advised when it comes to acting, “Just don’t get caught doing it.” The advice applies to sales.
So how does one do that?
A good place to start: stop being who you think you’re supposed to be and start being who you really are.
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