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Be Outrageous; It’s The Only Place That Isn’t Crowded – Tapping into The Prism Effect

If you have a presentation coming up and are wondering what you can do to make it unique, I encourage you to try something that has a bit of flare.

I can guarantee you that the performances you remember most – speakers, preachers, teachers,or professors – are the ones who did the unusual, the unexpected, and the creative.

They had an idea and they made it come alive for you in some palpable, memorable way.

And you still remember it today. What was it they did? And what ideas have you had that you have ditched for fear that they were too silly, weird, or outrageous?

Why not do it?

People respect risk takers. As long as you use a certain amount of reason (you’re not endangering yourself or anyone – physically, emotionally, or socially/politically), you’re fine.

Why not bust out that secret talent of yours that no one knows you have? Break out that jump rope, that harmonica, that disco move. Tell your wild story about the marshmallows, the time you completely embarrassed the CEO in the critical job interview, the time you were so freaked out on your first blind date that you crawled out the restaurant bathroom window?

Why not put on your favorite music when everyone’s coming in? Who said you couldn’t? When you put “The Prism Effect” into play, engaging the full range of your gifts, talents, passions, skills and hobbies, you create an experience that stands you outside the norm.

So have fun, be yourself, and as Mikki Williams says, “be outrageous; it’s the only place that isn’t crowded.”

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  1. Anonymous

    Saw your event last year. GREAT!

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