What Drives You?


There’s a question I’ve asked thousands of people around the world

and it is this:

If a crew from Hollywood were to come to your door and say,

“We’re going to make a movie about your life”

what do you think would be the driving force

that motivates the “character” that is you?

What is your Throughline?

In this 2-minute excerpt from a live event workshop

I hosted a few years ago,

I ask this question AND ALSO reveal

that there are two main types of Throughlines.

Which one is driving you?

Risk Forward and Rock On,


P.S. Some fun news. My book, Risk Forward, which also touches on this theme of Throughline, was featured last week by Amazon on Prime Day as a bestseller! How cool is that?! If you haven’t yet picked up your copy, you can get yours here.

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