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Letting Your Speech Find You

I went last night here in NYC to see an extraordinary film called BUCK.

As it turned out, the director of the film (Cindy Meehl) was at the theater that evening and gave a 2-minute introduction to the film.

What she said struck me for 3 reasons:

1) her humility and shyness
2) her comment that she’d never directed a film before
3) her sharing the fact that (as she put it)

“the film found her.”

Cindy had gone to train with Buck Brannaman and felt strongly, being in his presence and witnessing the incredible transformation in the horses (and their owners), that a film had to made about this man and his extraordinary approach to horses…and to life.

Often times clients come to me asking for help on their speech topic. They feel the pressure to work outside in…and yet, what they often learn through the course of our work, is that the speech finds them.

The best presentations come from within. Worry less at the start about what your market wants. Focus more about what you believe to be true. Find that Through Line. THEN…shape the material.

What is the message you believe needs to be out in the world?

Years ago, the great director & choreographer Walter Bobbie was helping Charlotte d’Amboise (a well known dancer and Broadway performer) find her way into a role at the 11th hour. The lead had had to leave and Charlotte was asked to fill in. As Charlotte tried to find the role and was forcing her way into songs, Walter Bobbie said to her,

“Let the song sing you.”

And so I say to you…

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