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The Power of Appreciation

There are many studies which prove

that when people leave their job,

most of the time, it’s not for better pay

or for better hours, but because

they don’t feel appreciated

by their leaders and their team.

Last week,

I delivered a keynote

followed by two workshops:

The Art of Listening &

The Art of Teamwork Appreciation.

The response to the exercises

was profound:

much laughter, many hugs

and quite a few moist eyes.

Years ago, I took a sales team

through this interactive process.

The group was comprised largely of men

who kept their feelings close to the vest.

I wasn’t sure how they would respond,

but many said afterwards that

it was one of the most powerful

experiences of their career.

I’ll never forget a specific moment afterwards

when one of the participants approached me.

“You know, I was actually planning

to leave the company,

but after this experience

and after hearing how much

my team appreciates me,

I’m going to stay.”

The power of appreciation

cannot be underestimated.

What could you do today

to show appreciation,

even in the smallest of ways,

for the people on your team,

those you lead or those who lead you?

Even a simple text or message

acknowledging a positive trait

or a particular action they recently took

can make all of the difference.

So Risk Forward & Appreciate On,


P.S. For more info about our courses on Teamwork and Appreciation, please check out this page.

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