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My Star Wars Flight: Trust Your Ideas

*24-second video below*

Five years ago today on 12/10/17,

I flew across the Atlantic Ocean with

a few cast members from Star Wars.

It is without a doubt

the most memorable flight of my life.

I’ve kept this video tucked away

privately in my files

but decided this year to share.

The setup: my husband and I had been

at the U.S. premiere in Los Angeles,

and, along with a few cast members,

flew overnight to London

for the European premiere.

Walking up the aisle at 30,000 feet,

a thought flashed across my mind:

we should record a video.

After all, it was an epic scene.

Then doubt crept in:

Should I be the one to do it?

Should I even be the one to suggest it?

I tentatively floated the idea.

The response: a few nods, smiles,

and “Yes!” “Fun!”

So I headed to the front of the cabin

with my iPhone…and did one take.

Being seasoned performers,

the cast immediately had ideas

for what they wanted to try next.

I did a second take,

which is what you’ll see.

Was it a risk for me to suggest

a creative idea to begin with?

You bet.

Was it worth it? You can tell me.

The next time a creative thought

flashes across your mind,

consider taking action.

These moments are often

fleeting and far between.

Here it is: the Star Wars cast in flight.

(Scroll down for a guide to Who’s Who.)


Risk Forward & Trust Your Ideas,


P.S. At the start of the video, you can hear me audibly cueing, “Annnnd…” I don’t actually utter the word “action” as I felt that was just one step too far.

Who’s Who:

  1. Laura Dern
  2. Gwendoline Christie
  3. John Boyega
  4. Matthew Wood (sound production)
  5. Anthony Daniels
  6. Andy Serkis
  7. Frank Oz
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