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My 2 Seconds Surfing

Today I’m flying back

to NYC from Malibu

where I’ve been for a few months.

While working out west, I tried something

I’ve always wanted to explore:


In this 1-minute video,

you’ll see me wipe out five times

before I finally get up on the board

for a whopping 2 seconds.


2 seconds, however, is all it took

for me to get a FEEL

for what it COULD be like.

So many aspects of life are like that.

If someone has zero exposure to excellent leadership, it’s not until they get a glimpse into another way that they have a sense for what a productive team culture might be.

If someone has only been exposed to dysfunctional relationships, it’s not until they witness a truly loving dynamic that they have some beginning sense for what a healthy relationship might be.

Sometimes a sliver is all it takes,

like a crack of light coming through a door

hinting at another room.

That light can come from a movie,

a book, a story well told…

or yes, a live experience.

For me (in this case) it was live.

In those 2 seconds

I felt it, I got it, and yeh,

I wanted more.

If there’s something that’s not working

in your personal or professional life,

how can you get a 2-second glimpse

into another way?

Who can open the door a crack?

And who can you do that for?

How can you help someone recognize that

they’ve been standing in darkness

and there’s actually another room

which has a lot more light?

Risk Forward & Surf On,


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