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A Mute Culture: Are You Shutting People Down?

These days, one of the big buzz words is Engagement.

Many organizations face a disconnected community––

people who are disenfranchised, lonely, unseen and/or teetering on resignation.

But what does “engagement” look like in a micro-moment?

This past week, I had a conference call

with two new executives at an organization I know well,

having done 13 different programs for them over the years––

keynotes, presentation skills coaching

and communications workshops.

As we discussed the company’s state of affairs,

I raised the topic of engagement.

The two executives nodded.

They shared how they were putting into place

all kinds of re-orgs and initiatives…

So I asked what they were doing about engagement at the micro-level,

what developmental opportunities they had provided for people

around communication skills, especially given the virtual landscape.

The fact is, many leaders have unfortunately made it safer

for those around them to simply stay MUTE.

When you have a mute organization, you won’t have innovation.

Leaders talk about the importance of engagement

but when a team member does finally speak up

and the leader cuts them off or ever-so-subtly makes them wrong,

how much “engagement” can possibly happen after that?

Engagement doesn’t always require

a costly organizational initiative,

but it DOES require moment-to-moment care.

If you want your people to Risk Forward

then it’s incumbent upon you

to make it safe for them to do so.

Risk Forward and Rock On,


P.S. If you would like to know more about the High Performance Communications program that we’re running for different organizations, please reach out to my team: [email protected].

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