La Fenice: Delighting Your Customers

Great business experiences (and reputations) are the result of many factors, one of which is doing more than expected.

This month I visited La Fenice — the famous theater in Venice which burned to the ground twice over the past two centuries (once in 1836 and again in 1996). Both times, it was rebuilt.

The extraordinary thing about La Fenice is that on the outside, it is simple: a basic white stone facade with nothing particularly special except for a few columns and flags.

Fenice - outdoor.jpg
Inside, however, La Fenice is a jewel box.  
 Fenice - interior.jpg

So here’s my question for you.

How can you create your own “Fenice Experience” so that clients and customers say to others, “Boy, you really have to check this out.”

It’s imperative not to let your advertising supersede the experience. How can you not only deliver on your brand promise, but go beyond?

One simple technique for doing this is to not “tell all” in your promotion, and instead, leave some surprises.


In the same way that high end restaurants bring a plate of tiny cookies with your coffee even if you don’t order dessert, how can you create (even in the smallest of ways) a “surprise” experience for your customers and
clients, one that is positive, one that delights, one that delivers more than expected?

Maybe it’s an extra few moments of your time beyond those that are billed, maybe it’s a small gift, perhaps it’s a baker’s dozen or a special event to which they’re invited once they join in your community.

Whatever it is, make it unexpected.  

Keep it hidden from all the features and benefits of your advertising.

In other words, keep a bit of La Fenice’s facade to mask the delight that lies beyond.


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