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How the courage to trust yourself and take action could inspire countless others around the world

“Did you see Mark’s Instagram post?”

Ashley, my COO, texted me last August.

When I looked, I literally gasped out loud.


That…I did not see coming.

March 30, 2024 marks the 3-year anniversary

of RISK FORWARD being out in the world.

While I envisioned the book

as having a wide readership,

I could have never anticipated the

range of people whom it would reach.

In addition the tens of thousands of

single purchases that have been made,

here are just SOME of the groups

who have gotten copies in sets:

  • 75 CEOs for an event hosted at MIT
  • 35 leaders at John Deere
  • 200 financial advisors
  • 50 team leaders
  • 320 women business owners
  • 2,000 online entrepreneurs
  • 197 photographers
  • 64 graduating seniors
  • 115 sales professionals from a medical device company
  • 110 brick & mortar business owners
  • 45 therapists
  • 200 professional speakers
  • 1500 Japanese entrepreneurs

…plus individuals in every industry

and in countries around the world

as well as people facing a major shift

in their career or personal lives.

Each week, I receive messages,

many from people I’ve never met before,

telling me how the book has helped them:

From an entrepreneur: “I keep your book by my bedside table and open it every morning to get a hit of inspiration.”

From an Executive Director of a large non-for-profit: “3x this week alone, I have applied these principles with my team.”

From a woman in Nigeria: “I resigned from my job of 14 years last week. My friend gifted me a copy of your book. I read it immediately and found it incredibly inspiring and accurate in its instinctual message. You have no idea how much you articulated what I needed to hear.”

From the CMO of Topgolf (formerly CMO of Coca-Cola and Converse), Geoff Cottrill: “RISK FORWARD should be the official guidebook for your career.”

From Fergie L. Philippe, who starred in Hamilton on Broadway and picked up a copy after the pandemic shut down the show. “RISK FORWARD was the lifeline I needed to not only keep going but to double down and invest in myself. To remember and reinvigorate what I have to offer the world and drive myself to invest in that. I am forever indebted to you and this book.”

From someone who works for the NBA, and who has always wanted to write music: “I have continued to RISK FORWARD every day since the first day that I initially opened your magical book. I’ve since completed two EP projects with 15 tracks and 20 tracks. Both projects are loaded onto DistroKid, tracks and lyrics approved. All I need to do now is set the release date.”

From a business owner: “One of my all-time favorite business books…It was a Christmas gift in 2022. I picked it up again on a trip to a family cabin. The second time through I was deep in self-discovery, pivoting my business. I read most of it on the front of a canoe, pen in hand, while my husband was fishing. And now, I recommend it as often as possible.”

One of the most powerful messages came from a man who wrote to me about his daughter: “She has struggled with anxiety and depression for most of her life. She has now reached a point where she needs inpatient care, and we took her this afternoon. As we were getting ready to leave the house I asked if she had some books to read. She had 2 books packed in her bag—one was yours. Just thought you would like to hear that.”

RISK FORWARD is in its third round of printing

and it’s still going strong.

And here’s how this relates to YOU:

Writing the book was itself a RISK FORWARD for me.

Because it was a departure from the core content

of my keynotes, courses or coaching,

it represented a step into a new realm.

But it was something I felt important to do.

So trust yourself.

Those ideas you’re keeping hidden

are the ones we want to hear.

You never know

where your next project will lead

or how your courage

to take action could inspire

countless others around the world.

So Risk Forward & Rock On

…and Happy Risk-aversary!!!


P.S. I highly, highly recommend the paperback edition. It’s the most updated AND because it’s such a highly visual book, the audio and the e-book are not quite the same. Not only that but COUNTLESS readers tell me they keep their copy by their bed and open to any page when they need some inspiration, guidance or insight.

P.P.S. After you buy your copy, please leave a review. We are aiming to get to 550 five star reviews on Amazon. I read every review…and after you send in yours, let me know and I’ll send you a link to something VERY special.

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