Communicating & Connecting – The Reaction Shot

In the film world, The Reaction Shot is just this: the camera angle/shot that reveals the reaction of a given character to what was said.

This is critical because as an audience, we’re not just interested in what one person says; we’re interested to see how it affects another.

In life, in sales, in presentations and in communication settings of all kinds, people often forget to check “The Reaction Shot” — meaning, they are so busy talking that they neglect the critical component of observing how someone responds…and then adjusting accordingly.

Believe it or not, this concept can be applied to yourself. How? Here’s one example…

Every New Year’s Eve, many people (maybe even you) will write out, share or silently review their goals for the time ahead.

The challenge, though, is that  we sometimes put down goals that are hollow, goals we think we should have but which don’t really light us up. 

We forget to check in with ourselves. We forget to notice our own Reaction Shot to a given plan.

Look at your list from last year. How do each item feel? Do you really WANT that goal? (Whose goal is that anyway?)  As you plan the year(s) ahead, notice your “Reaction Shot”.

It’s a short life. Plan the one that lights you up.
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