Innovation & Creativity: Small Acts

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Innovation seems to be a popular word in the business community these days. 

Often, we look for innovation on large scales. The Kindle. The iPhone. The Prius.

Innovation, however, starts with following our own creative impulses in small doses first. The trick is not to wonder whether we have the impulses or not. Because we all do. The trick is to trust them and act on them.

Leaving the subway one evening in Manhattan, I noticed that behind the thick bulletproof dingy glass of the subway station’s office, sprouted a colorful, tiny, world of delight.

There, displayed in the window of this decrepit underground office, was a collection of tiny colorful creature sculptures, all made – upon closer inspection – of Manhattan Transit Authority fare cards.

The thin blue and gold plastic credit card had been slivered, sliced and folded into a miniature Metrocard version of Disneyland.

Where most MTA underground offices exude grubbiness and dismal gloom, this office — at least a corner of it — sprung forth with LIFE and DELIGHT!

Thumbnail image for Blog - MTA disney 2.JPGp-1-300x230.jpgI knocked on the thick tinted glass, then waved. The station operator came out. He was delighted by my delight, and when I asked him if he was the creative force behind these sculptures, he lit up. He was bashful, and he was thrilled.