A Lime, A Fork & You . . .



Now you’re paying attention.

When I work with clients

to help them express their ideas in a way that is memorable and effective

whether in meetings, on stage or in virtual settings,

one of the many strategies I teach

involves using objects and props.

Whether it’s an ordinary item (a lime, a fork)

or an unusual one (an ancient oil lamp, a crystal paperweight)

the key is HOW you use them

and WHEN…

and in WHAT way.

(There are 7 ways, by the way.)

How can you engage your audience

and deliver your message

with the unexpected twist that distinguishes your work

communicates your message effectively

and elevates your credibility?

On June 22, I’ll be teaching a special

Risk Forward on Camera session.

I’ll also be sharing

a core storytelling structure that works every time—

(along with 3 whopper mistakes you want to avoid).

These days, people are so zoned out on zoom…

so how can you Risk Forward to get them to tune in?

Come join us for this special live session.

For details and to reserve your spot, please go here:

Risk Forward and Rock On,


P.S. This session will also include a special guest to answer your tech questions in a live Q&A and some other bonus goodies. Check out this page now to claim your spot and get more info.

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