At the world premiere of Star Wars: The Last Jedi with Frank Oz. Frank tickled me just as the photo was being taken.
Overseeing filming of Muppet Guys Talking, the documentary I conceived and co-produced. Little did we know at the time we’d be featured at SXSW and receive such incredible press. The film is about the creative process, collaboration and the visionary leadership of Jim Henson.
With D.A. Pennebaker and Chris Hegedus, who made a documentary film I’m in called Bessie. “Penny” went on to win an Academy Honorary Award – a lifetime Oscar, for his extraordinary body of work.
On stage at TEDx delivering my talk, Risk Forward® about the rewards of “not knowing” and how times of uncertainty can be incredibly valuable in unlocking our hidden genius.
Backstage in the dressing room at Rock The Room® in LA. The wonderful Richard Kind came by to watch.
On set for Sex & The City. Season 5; Episode 3. I played a restaurant hostess at the Taj Mahal. This particular scene, with all four women in it, required multiple shots and angles, so we filmed into the wee hours.
On stage with Pete Docter, Pixar Animation Studio’s Academy Award Winning director, at Rock The Room® where I hosted and interviewed Pete live. Pete directed Monsters, Inc., Up, and Inside Out. Here we talked about storytelling, the creative process, and the importance of creating an experience.
With Mike Birbiglia & Seth Barrish on opening night of Mike’s show “The New One” in NYC. Seth, a long-time friend and superb acting teacher, produced my one-woman show, “Icebergs in Africa” at The Barrow Group theater years ago.
Performing years ago at Gotham Comedy Club in NYC. I’ll never forget this show because when I got off stage, the club owner leaned over and whispered, “Don’t go. Jerry Seinfeld is up next.”