Is Your Business Card a Bore? Creativity in Communication & Branding

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The Sunday V - December 9 2012 - Victoria Labalme.png

Interested in standing out from the pack?

Take a look at your business card and think again.

In this day and age when a printed item with contact info is just a CONDUIT for transferring information into a database - smartphone or other - why not make your business "card" a creative object?

Have fun with it.

My goodness, life is short. Don't be such a bore.

People appreciate ingenuity, innovation, distinction and creativity AND playfulness. Just don't get goofy or weird. Classiness wins hands down. Create with style.

I'm working with a company this week (here in Houston now) and can't say a peep about what they do just yet but holy moly, when they get makes you say, "Now that's brilliant." So take the obvious in your all those items in the category of "it's always done this way..." and then start doing the opposite. Is a business card always 2-D? Make it 3-D? Always standard? Make it personalized. How...? Hmmm. Start thinking. 

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