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A Magical Wedding

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The Sunday V - July 17 2011 - Victoria Labalme.jpgA magical wedding...

Victoria Labalme - from the woods.jpgVictoria Labalme - bride.jpg
Victoria Labalme - Wedding - down the stairs.jpg
Frank Oz - Victoria Labalme - wedding.jpg
Frank & Victoria - ceremony.jpg

Frank & Victoria - sunset.jpg
Frank & Victoria - first dance.jpg
Frank Oz & Victoria Labalme - reception 1.jpg
Frank Oz & Victoria Labalme & Frank Oz - reception 2.jpg

Frank & Victoria - married.jpg

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Stunning! I especially love the second to last one of you two laughing. Such joy. Congratulations again to you both.

Just wanted to tell you congratulation on your recent wedding! You looked happy and beautiful in the pictures! Wish you the best!
Scott the Drumming Printer or the Printing Drummer

Congrats to you and Frank! Love,love the pictures!!

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